Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy provides an explanation of Immediate Granimator's methods and actions in relation to the Personal Data of its visitors. This includes elaboration on how we collect, process, store, protect, and share user data. Furthermore, throughout this document, we explain our users’ rights regarding the collection and usage of their Personal Data.

Before reading this Privacy Policy further, please familiarise yourself with the relevant terms and definitions provided below.


How We Collect Personal Data

To present an optimised user experience and provide high-standard services for users, Immediate Granimator must collect Personal Data from visitors to the website. Below we have listed the three primary ways in which we collect this data:

Other Personal Data, including, but not limited to, data related to the behaviour and characteristics of users, may also be collected by Immediate Granimator through cookies and other tools on our website. This data is necessary for the successful functioning of our website and will not be used to identify users individually.

How We Legally Process Personal Data

We limit our processing of Personal Data to only what is necessary for the execution and refinement of our services. Immediate Granimator adheres to the GDPR and other applicable privacy laws when collecting and processing Personal Data to ensure we do not infringe on the rights of our users.

Immediate Granimator legally collects and processes Personal Data on the following grounds:

Immediate Granimator is not the Data Processor, and user data is not stored on its servers. After creating an account, users’ Personal Data is provided to the broker they have been assigned. This broker is then responsible for processing all data. If you have any questions about the processing of your data, please contact the broker you have been assigned.

Personal Data Usage

Immediate Granimator collects and processes data to improve services and provide an effective user experience. We use this Personal Data in the following ways:

Cookie Usage

Immediate Granimator uses cookies to understand our users’ behaviour, fix issues throughout the website, and further improve our services. By examining how our users interact with each section of the Immediate Granimator site, we can learn to optimise all other areas to increase engagement and provide an enhanced user experience. Furthermore, if there are any technical problems, we can be made aware of them through cookies, allowing us to quickly make fixes and prevent prolonged disruption of our services.

Here are the three main variations of cookies that you will encounter when using Immediate Granimator:

Essential Cookies

Essential cookies are crucial to the proper functioning of the Immediate Granimator website and its services. Without these cookies enabled, users will have a limited experience, and many features we provide will not work as intended.

Google Analytics Cookies

Google Analytics cookies help us to understand how users behave on the Immediate Granimator website and which sections are interacted with the most. Using this data, we can optimise our site and provide a better user experience for customers and visitors.

Third-Party Cookies

Third-party cookies are distributed by third-party websites that we may link to, such as brokers we are partnered with.

How We Store Collected Data

Immediate Granimator does not store any collected Personal Data on our servers, and we limit our user data collection to only what is necessary to fulfil our services.

After creating an account on Immediate Granimator, users will be referred to a partnered third-party broker. With the users’ consent, we will send any Personal Data to the broker they are assigned to. The broker is then responsible for storing, processing, protecting, and deleting Personal Data.

Immediate Granimator ensures to partner with brokers who adhere to the GDPR and other applicable privacy laws. However, it is the users’ responsibility to familiarise themselves with the Privacy Policy of the broker they have been assigned to understand how their Personal Data is collected, processed, and stored.

How Personal Data Is Protected

Immediate Granimator takes great care to protect the Personal Data that it collects from visitors. We will only share your data with unauthorised parties if legally required to do so. In these circumstances, we will notify you in advance and request your informed consent.

All Immediate Granimator staff are under strict confidentiality rules and are obliged to keep all Personal Data private. We ensure that only the minimum required staff members will have access to your data.

We may, rarely, be required to disclose Personal Data to obey legal obligations, such as due to a request from a government entity. This is possible in certain circumstances, such as if a user is involved in a criminal investigation and authorities require access to information regarding their actions on our website.

We may also be contacted by a third party and request to provide certain information. We will thoroughly investigate any requests to determine whether the third party has the legal right to the data it requests. In some cases, the request of the sender may outweigh the user’s right to privacy.

Disclosure of Your Personal Data

Immediate Granimator will not disclose any user data to any third parties without the user’s consent. However, users must be aware that their Personal Data will be processed by the Data Processor and should familiarise themselves with the relevant Privacy Policy found on the Data Processor’s platform. Immediate Granimator, the Data Controller, may work with multiple Data Processors. All data that Immediate Granimator discloses is done so in accordance with all applicable privacy laws.

Your Rights Regarding Your Personal Data

As per the GDPR and other applicable privacy-related laws, you, the user, have the right to: