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Immediate Granimator is an affiliate marketing service that matches traders with brokers offering financial trading opportunities (cryptocurrencies, Forex, stocks, and more). Note that all trading and investments put your capital at risk. Ensure you have an independent source of income before you begin trading, and never invest more than you can comfortably lose. Moreover, consult the crypto trading rules in your country to ensure the broker we match you with is suitable for you. Our algorithm is automatic and does not always account for local restrictions on the trading industry.

Meet the Advanced Immediate Granimator Platform

We are proud to introduce you to Immediate Granimator - your gateway to high-quality trading services!

Our AI-powered tool is here to help both beginner traders and established pros meet a suitable, full-featured broker. We can offer you access to a large portfolio of popular companies that deliver trading software, market news, analyses, and other handy materials you can use to gain an edge over the competition.

Besides Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other famous tokens, you can also trade Forex pairs, the stocks of well-known companies, or futures and CFDs of commodities like crude oil and gold. All this and more is available through our versatile partners!

  • Quick and easy sign-up - no fees;
  • User-friendly platform perfect for beginners;
  • Consistent support 24/7 and a free personal account manager to guide you.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! Immediate Granimator offers so much more for investors ready to dive into decentralised finance.

What’s more, for maximum accessibility, we offer this service free of charge. That’s right! Immediate Granimator is completely free to use. We receive our compensation from our broker partners instead through affiliate marketing. This way, we can all work for the betterment of the crypto community together.

It’s a win for everybody!


The Benefits of Choosing Immediate Granimator

Our app is here to revolutionise how you manage your investments. Simple, clean, easy - we wish to make your entry into the industry as smooth as possible. Are you wondering how Immediate Granimator can achieve that? Here are a few reasons for you to consider:

Award-winning Software

Your success rate largely depends on the speed and efficiency of your trading platform. That’s why Immediate Granimator has partnered with companies that only offer the very best on the market! Our partners work with tools such as MetaTrader 4 and 5 or similar popular platforms enjoyed by millions of traders worldwide. Get accurate quotes, add stop-loss and take-profit safety nets to your orders, and browse live updates on your investments - you can do all this and more with our brokers.

Multiple Investment Options

Ask any expert, and they’ll tell you: diversity is the key to success! Spread and lower your investment risk by betting on a variety of different assets. For example, with Immediate Granimator, you can trade multiple cryptos but also currency pairs, stocks, futures, and many other assets. Crafting a diversified portfolio can potentially help you balance the market risks and sleep a lot easier!

Quick and Easy Sign-up

Forget about long, burdensome registrations! It only takes a moment to sign up for Immediate Granimator. What’s more, our algorithm will instantly kick in and pair you with one of our partners in just a minute or so. You can begin trading as soon as you feel like it!

Tools for Beginners

Are you completely fresh to this business? You don’t need to worry. Our partners offer various learning materials to help you catch up. Even better, you can put your skills to practice without using any real money by using a demo account. This demo mode is perfect for testing new strategies and learning how the market works without exposing you to any risk.

Advanced Services

If you already know your way around the market, our partners have a thing or two for you as well. How about supercharging your strategy with the help of automated trading robots and similar tools? Or perhaps you’d prefer to use copy traders and sit back while someone else makes the hard calls? Depending on your assigned broker, you can experiment with different advanced services designed for professional investors.

Flexible Payment Systems

Your comfort matters to us! This is why our broker partners support many different payment systems. You can make deposits and withdrawals using bank transfers, credit and debit cards, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and more! Note that the exact selection of methods varies by broker.

Low Entry Barriers

Your comfort matters to us! This is why our broker partners support many different payment systems. You can make deposits and withdrawals using bank transfers, credit and debit cards, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and more! Note that the exact selection of methods varies by broker.

Friendly Support

Your comfort matters to us! This is why our broker partners support many different payment systems. You can make deposits and withdrawals using bank transfers, credit and debit cards, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and more! Note that the exact selection of methods varies by broker.

Do you need more proof? Try our system with a free account today and see for yourself why so many trust and love Immediate Granimator!

Make your mark and start investing in crypto today!


Is Crypto Worth Your Time and Money?

The world of digital currencies attracts much attention in financial circles daily. It might come as a surprise to you, but the community is actually somewhat split on this asset, with passionate opinions on both sides! But where does the truth lie?Crypto enthusiasts believe that these coins offer a chance for people to reshape the global financial order once and for all. Indeed, assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum have already made headway, unlocking opportunities that were unimaginable 20 years ago.Moreover, decentralised currencies can also improve financial inclusivity. By taking control away from central banks and regulators, altcoins can empower ordinary people such as yourself to have a say in the brand-new financial order built by cryptocurrencies.At the same time, sceptics have been adamant about the high risks associated with these assets. Indeed, due to cryptocurrencies’ high volatility, investors play with higher stakes and potentially expose themselves to losses. We urge you to carefully consider all disclaimers on our website and learn about the risks before you embark on your trading journey.Nevertheless, with plenty of caution and careful planning, we believe anyone can benefit from this market! Here are just some of the reasons why investors are so taken with digital assets.


The users on a blockchain network jointly create and govern the coin or token powering the network. In other words, people as a collective call all the shots regarding each cryptocurrency. There is no central bank, CEO, board of directors, or other formal bodies in charge. Instead, people as a whole make the important decisions. No other market can boast this degree of decentralisation.

Growth Potential

Blockchains’ decentralised nature also makes them highly volatile. While this trait certainly increases the investment risks, it also means digital tokens are the most flexible assets out there. They can react to both positive and negative changes more quickly, jumping up and down in price. This movement creates opportunities to potentially earn more profit in a shorter amount of time. Yes, you can even make money off of a token lowering in price - with the right strategy and timing!

Wide Applications

Crypto is not a $1 trillion market for no reason! Besides the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Binance, hundreds of other tokens exist to cater to different people and meet various financial needs. This sector is full of innovation. New uses of blockchain technology spring up daily, adding new value to this dynamic investment space.

A Challenge for New Traders - and a Way to Overcome It!

It’s clear that the digital currencies market is attractive to many. But joining it is sometimes easier said than done. The reason for this is that many newbies struggle to find a crypto trading platform suitable for their needs.

After all, there are thousands, if not millions, of companies on the market that claim to offer more or less the same set of services. So, how can you choose the best one? And more importantly, how can you ensure you are not falling for a well-disguised scam?

This is precisely where the Immediate Granimator platform comes in! We created this user-friendly, free service to help traders meet compatible brokers with outstanding benefits.

Our team has carefully researched the market to identify world-class brokerages with an established track record. The sole purpose of our platform is to pair you, the trader, with a company that can meet your investment needs.

Discover a realm of new opportunities by signing up today:



Asset typesCrypto tokens, currency pairs, CFDs, stocks, etc.
Registration feeNone
Withdrawal feeNo fees on withdrawals
Accessible onDesktop and mobile (via the browser)
Transaction methodsMultiple (bank cards & transfers, PayPal, etc.), depending on the broker.
Regions activeWorldwide (minus selected territories like the UK, the US, and countries with similar regulations)